With the plethora of other websites devoted to South Africa (who can blame them?) it seems somewhat irrelevant to add yet more information. But having been to South Africa numerous times (as I am ethnically at least 25% South African - a grandmother from Graafreinet, relatives in Knysna - one of the loveliest towns on the Garden Route) and living for nearly a year in Pietermaritzburg whilst doing some of the research for the Rhodesian section of the site - many Rhodesians who "gapped it" ended up in and around Durban - it was impossible not to add my own input. All recommendations are based on favourable personal experiences.  

Travel in SA

For what should be your greatest wildlife experience in Southern Africa, go to the Wilderness Trails page. Alternatively, if walking is not for you, South African trains (more info on this page) are wonderful - if you have the money to spare, the Blue Train should not be missed, although more standard trains in South Africa are also very much recommended. 

Click here for general travel information from the British FCO, or here for the official SA National parks site.

South Africa (with the possible exception of Joburg - a wonderful city, but a) horribly busy - everyone there knows that they are both more important than you and b) all you are doing is getting in their way, even if all they want to do is rob you) is, for many uitlanders, their first experience and often their only one of Africa. It can be wonderful - often simply avoiding the driving, the sharks (if you insist on going to the coast) and the scenery, which will probably make you want to live there. Alternatively, if you enjoy eating game meat, and have a spare potje pot, SA is Mecca.
 Pilanesberg Guinea Fowl

Click on birds for a recipe for them from Paarl, a wonderful place about 60 km north-west from Cape Town.