With so many images giving links leading to menus (notice a theme?), it seemed to make sense to have a page devoted solely to this delight. Alas, short of living in South Africa once more, recipes will have to be tried on a substitution basis (apparently nyala tastes very much like good venison). Either click on the animal for an external link to recipe, or follow the instructions given ... and before anything else, I would recommend investing in a potjie (a wonderful emergency Scrabble word, and you can get a potjie here, if travelling to South Africa seems slightly extreme). And this site offers a huge range of different meat possibilities - blanch at the prices, but not the food offered. And of course, cook sister is unavoidable (even if it needs to be reorganised to avoid conflicting with later models Windows). 
Hartebeest (Alcelaphus Buselaphus)
Nyala (unable to find recipe, so Nyala gets to live a while longer)

Click on guinea fowl for a potje recipe using them. The potje is an astonishing discovery, for those who have never used one.

(Recipe actually for oxtail, but lets face it, how likely are you to find a buffalo at your supermarket?)
And, of course, this page could not truly claim to have a Southern African focus without a link to a site teaching you how to make BILTONG