Reconnaissance Commandos (the `Recces`) 

Jack Greef``s A Greater Share Of Honour - Ntomeni Publishers, October 2001 - offers a good description of Recce operations, including some with the Rhodesians. When they were originally deployed in Rhodesia (under the pseudonym of D Squadron, Rhodesian SAS, which did not last long - it seems that most Rhodesians were quick to realize that they were from "Down South"), much of what they were to get up to was to effectively put trained men into useful positions on the ground, to add numbers to the ever stretched Rhodesian effort - let alone giving useful combat experience for any future struggle. The impression is certainly given that the knowledge gained, of how to combat any future Southern Africa bush war  added an invaluable alternative to the conventionally trained South African army.  

With Zimbabwean independence, some of the recces were stationed in and around Beitbridge (including some who were actually - illegally - across the border) to safeguard the expected mass exodus. When this did not happen, they just melted away.