This list is far from complete. Major operations only are noted, to avoid the list becoming exhaustively long. 

From the beginnings of the Rhodesian war, the security forces had been involved in fighting in Angola, Mozambique, Zambia (South West Africa was left largely to the South Africans). It was only after the Portuguese withdrawal that pressure was to build up to breaking point. With many "refugees" (click on link for a glossary of terms used, an explanation and justification) now outside the borders - and, increasingly, being used to create groups to return to fight inside Rhodesia - it became clear that raids on some of the camps with high populations made more sense than tracking individuals, or small groups, after initial contacts had been made. The Rhodesian Light Infantry (which at the height of the war might deploy the same paratroops into battle three times in one day)

Throughout the 1970s Rhodesia launched an increasing number of daring raids - it would seem that the purpose of the raids was both to keep the Rhodesian forces active and well-trained, to attempt to provide a deterrent effect both on the guerillas and other nations which supported them, and to attempt to enhance white morale and retain support for Smith, who was constantly concerned that more extremist politicians, advocating even more aggressive tactics, might take over. 

Green Leader (click on link for full page on this, possibly the most famous of all externals).