5 Squadron "Find and destroy"
The role of No 5 Squadron was that of bombing and photo reconnaissance.

No 5 Squadron was originally formed as a Canberra squadron. It was originally based at New Sarum in the South side of Salisbury . It operated the English Electric Canberra (B2 and T4) aircraft until the withdrawal from service of the Canberra in 1983 the unit was disbanded.

During 1971 a Canberra was rebuilt from parts that had been placed in storage. On 16th November 1971 a Canberra from No. 5 Squadron crashed in heavy rain near Salisbury ; the result of the crash was metal fatigue, a problem the air force were well aware of, with a combination of regular monitoring and avoiding violent manoeuvring. 

Post Zimbabwe Independence

No 5 Squadron was reformed in 1986 to operated the Chendu F-5 - the Chinese version of the obsolete Mig17 Fresco and F-7 (Chinese Mig21 Fishbed). Two F-5 training aircraft were acquired in 1986; these were used for conversion training until 1991.During 1987 twelve F-711 aircraft were acquired for the Squadron, and the F-5s were later replaced with two FT-7BZ.