For some images of Kolmanskop, go here. Alternatively, going to Namibia will give you some better views. The sand is eating away at Kolmanskop, has been since construction; eventually, it will win, but for now, if you want to experience a real-life place of ghosts, this is where you should head for. When I last went there, the chocolate cake in the cafe would have made the trip worthwhile on its own.

Robert Burke - Dust Devil
Chelsea Field - Wendy Robinson
Zakes Mokae - Ben Mukorob

DIRECTOR (and writer)
Richard Stanley

Set largely in the Namib desert (Kolmanskop offering a wonderful location - both atmospheric and slightly disturbing) it combines the story of a demon which possesses human beings who have lost the reason to live, killing them in a ritualistic fashion; an abused wife (Chelsea Field) fleeing her husband and heading for the sea, her husband's search for her, and the search of a police officer (Zakes Mokae) haunted by the death of his son, for the perpetrator of a gruesome ritual murder. 

The plots gradually weave together towards an increasingly nerve-wracking finale. The 'Final Cut' version, which is 30 minutes longer than the film which most viewers originally saw, is supposed to better weave together the overall plot, but the film itself is worth watching more for the location than the dialogue (poor) and storyline (derivative and confusing).

Click here for an Amazon link to the 'Final Cut' version.