Cloud pillar over the Mara

The Masai mara (click for official site - opens new window) will perhaps be best known (without many viewers having realised) as the location for the film 'Out of Africa'. Meryl Streep (playing the real-life Karen Blixen/ Isak Dinisen) "had a farm in Africa at the foot of the Ngong hills". The Mara offered the best, realistic location for Streep and Robert Redford to travel around, wandering at the animals, and shooting quite a few of them. 

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Indolent lion (rather suspect most cats copy this behaviour)

Somewhere in the background is an elephant. The excuse (and reason for pic) is that it was my first, ever, real animal photo. It essentially made me realise that zoom lenses are an unavoidable necessity - even if the animals are happy enough to get so close you can manage without. (Click other animal images for larger version, though)

Slightly closer elephants

Cheetah & kill