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South Africa

(And to respond to correspondence, I am well aware that Kenya does not count as Southern Africa. Explanations as to why Kenya is on site to be found on other pages).



Nairobi station

Viaduct btw Nairobi - Kisumu
South Africa
outeniqua lake 800x600.jpg (114203 bytes)
Outenqua Lake 800x600
railway near oudtshoorn 800x600.jpg (85693 bytes)
Railway near Oudtshoorn 800x600
metrorail 800x600.jpg (159012 bytes)
Metrorail commuter train near Johannesburg 800x600
outeniqua choo choo2 800x600.jpg (57881 bytes)
'Outeniqua Choo-choo' 800x600
outeniqua choo choo 800x600.jpg (80936 bytes)
'Outeniqua Choo-choo' 800x600
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namibian freight near Otjiwarongo.jpg (109496 bytes)
Namibian freight train near Otjiwarongo 800x600
32 class 800x600.jpg (109784 bytes)
Class 32 32-001, Railway Museum, Windhoek 800x600
armoured track inspection vehicle 800x600.jpg (125571 bytes)
Armoured track inspection vehicle, Windhoek 800x600
henschel otjiwarongo.jpg (151404 bytes)
Plinthed Henschel, Otjiwarongo station, Namibia 800x600
railway in desert, Grasplatz.jpg (102193 bytes)
Railway into the desert, Grasplatz, SW Namibia 800x600
Garub station 800x600.jpg (50872 bytes)
Garub Station
Windhoek railway station 800x600.jpg (129309 bytes)
Windhoek Railway Station, 800x600
German truck 800x600.jpg (158391 bytes)
ex-German truck, Windhoek 800x600
railway repairs 800x600.jpg (99934 bytes)
Railway repairs nr Namibian border 800x600
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Beyer-Garratts, Bulawayo 1997. This is what you run if you have plenty of coal, and are unable to spend money on diesel.  Bulawayo Beyer-Garratt 1997 To find out more about Beyer-Garratts in Zim, go here (Go for the images - the history given is slightly dubious)