Namibian road signs

Many of these signs are somewhat confusing. If not actually pointless (even if they make great target-practice). 

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grootfontein dilemma 1024x768.jpg (89071 bytes)
'Grootfontein dilemma'; near Hoba Meteorite 1024x768 87kb
warthog sign north of Windhoek
Warthog sign north of Windhoek 
800x600 59kb
beer in the desert 800x600.jpg (46385 bytes)
Beer in the desert; between Solitaire and Rostock 800x600 46kb
desert bend 800x600.jpg (43561 bytes)
Desert bend; near Sesriem 800x600 42kb
skidding 800x600.jpg (48563 bytes)
Pass;between Maltahöhe and Sesriem 800x600 47kb
gate 800x600.jpg (47218 bytes)
Farm gate; between Helmeringhausen and Aus 800x600 46kb
           HUGELY unlikely sign; near Klein Aus 
1280x960  635kb
wind 800x600.jpg (49862 bytes)
Desert wind; between Sesriem and Betta 800x600 48kb

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