N.B. If you have seen the film "Dust Devil" (and if you haven't, you should - not a great film, but the location is impeccable) you may recognize some of the pictures. Click thumbnail for larger image (opens in new window). 

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turnhalle detail 800x600.jpg (48709 bytes)
Detail from wall in Turnhalle 

kolmanskop from finance director's balcony 800x600.jpg (57016 bytes)
Kolmanskop from Finance Director's house
Kolmanskop is a short distance from Lüderitz, where most visitors stay, and where you can get permits to enter (entry must be as part of an organised group). 

The sheer amount of money generated in the diamond mines could be seen in the daily deliveries of ice and drinking water (each house came equipped with a fridge). 

The town was finally deserted in 1956, with the remaining inhabitants gradually seeking more comfortable habitation (and the possibility of work) in the towns and cities. 

finance director's house roof 600x800.jpg (80980 bytes)
Finance Director's house roof

kolmanskop 2 600x800.jpg (65427 bytes)


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