The Drakensberg mountain range is the highest in Southern Africa, rising up to nearly 3,500 meters and straddling the border between South Africa and Lesotho. 

It houses rock art - more than 20,000 paintings - which is thought to be many thousands of years old. 

A degree of recognition of the area's importance was in the UNESCO listing (2000) of a South African area in the park as a World Heritage Site. 

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Overview 2
Cathedral Peak
Giants Castle

giants castle 800x600.jpg (115176 bytes)
Giants Castle

giants castle 2 800x600.jpg (127168 bytes)
Giants Castle
giants castle 3 800x600.jpg (137435 bytes)
Giants Castle
giants castle 4 800x600.jpg (154120 bytes)
Giants Castle


giants castle champagne pools 1024x768.jpg (254065 bytes)
Champagne Pools, Giants Castle

giants castle sign 1024x768.jpg (319887 bytes)
Giants Castle sign,
injisuthi 800x600.jpg (108782 bytes)   Injisuthti injisuthi valley towards battle cave 800x600.jpg (175404 bytes)  Injisuthti valley injisuthi towards camp 800x600.jpg (123122 bytes) Injisuthti valley                      injisuthi 2 800x600.jpg (121193 bytes)                                           Injisuthti valley
battle cave 800x600.jpg (127611 bytes)  Battle cave art battle cave rock art 800x600.jpg (135932 bytes) Battle cave rock art

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