Click the following links for related material you can download - it is assumed that all of the material which was copyrighted in Rhodesia is now public domain. 

UDI (MS Word document) UDI (jpeg image)

Jackal Hunt One (Rhodesian government reprint of article that originally appeared in the BSAP magazine OUTPOST; the action took place in the Gomoza area of Lupane in 1966 - MS Works document). 

Clever Zimbabweans

Communist Support (Rhodesia 28 November 1975)

Be a dumb blonde . . . .

A Case for Rhodesia  (16th March, 1978 - MS Word doc) 

Mythologies of the Terrorist War (Ministry of Information; Rhodesia, no date. Reprinted from "Assegai", August, 1975.)

The Murder of Missionaries in Rhodesia (Ministry of Information, Rhodesia, July, 1978)  

Comrades! (Rhodesian propaganda material for 1979 election) 

Splitshot 1 Splitshot 2 Splitshot 3 Splitshot 4 

Psyops 1 Psyops 2 

Transitional period

Zimbabwe-Rhodesia elections 1979 Boyd report a huge, long, and ultimately pointless report  (.doc file)

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