Websites are supposed to be self-indulgent. Although being able to offer what you perceive as being a useful service is one of the fringe benefits. As such, it is somewhat incumbent on me to put in links to the people who have assisted in getting me to where I am now. A lack of links to all the relevant ones is due only to a failure to accept C21 realities (or a possible desire to steer clear of spam). 



Want to re-learn how to stand? Walk? Balance? Use your left arm? Get your body working properly even when your brain is sending slightly mixed messages. I can't recommend the following enough: Ellen Green


Alas, the therapist I'm using does not have a site. Although after several extra operations - basically 'tweaks' to get bits of me working, and adding some newish scar-tissue, I can now mumble incoherently with the best of them.