In contrast, Ellinor is possibly a name derived from a Provenšal (south-eastern France, close to the Mediterranean) term for a foreign-born woman. Whatever. We liked it, which is much more important.

Vickers Vildebeests, Singapore
The Vildebeest, a biplane torpedo bomber, was completely obsolescent when it served in the far-east in late 1941, used solely as a stop-gap.  Fortunately, we were not thinking aeronautical lines when we named our second child. Apparently (going by search-engines) Vilde's name does not exist. Hmmmmmmm.


The real Vilde - wearing a helmet, good for her . . . .  but I am not so sure about that hat, though . . . .

Quite bizarrely, in 1998 the Norwegian Prime Minister stayed away from work for a good month or so - because he was depressed. What does this say about Norway and Norwegians? You'll have to decide. 


(for a picture of Vilde's cat, click here)