Intriguing that you have actually clicked the link. Yes, I know that these lyrics are essentially from an Elvis song (never a fan, I should point out straightaway), but I was actually taking the quote from the film "The Big Lebowski" by the Coen Brothers, starring Jeff Bridges as "The Dude". Very much a mood film - if you are in the right sort of mood for it, you may love it. Otherwise you will probably get half way through, and think "Well, yes. And? Is there any point? I am now 2 hours older, in which time, if high-speed rail-travel is properly sorted out in the UK, I would have been able to get from London to Paris."

Some excellent quotes that can be taken from it, though my favourite is possibly "What do you do for recreation?" The Dude "Oh, the usual. I bowl. Drive around. The occasional acid flashback."

Anyway, back to the main page.